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Just ten miles from downtown Bath, the village of Georgetown sits on a quaint peninsula off the beaten track with spectacular ocean views and worlds apart from nearby busy cities. It is also home to Reid State Park, with 1.5 miles of sandy beaches frequented by terns, piping plovers and all types of shore birds, including ospreys and the majestic American Bald Eagle.

If you are In the mood for lobster, don't miss the famous Five Islands Lobster Company. It is located on the wharf in Five Islands from where you can enjoy lobster and other fresh seafood while watching fisherman bait their traps or bring in a live tuna. Five Islands has one of the prettiest harbors in Maine and is home to an active fishing fleet.

Local Waterside Hideaways

  1. Grey Havens Inn, Georgetown
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Useful links

  • The Georgetown Historical Society.
  • The local Chamber of Commerce.
  • Some local attractions: Five Islands Lobster Co., Five Islands Farm, Reid State Park, and the Maine Maritime Museum,
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